Squeeze Page Genie Review

Squeeze Page Genie Review

Squeeze Page Genie

Vendor :    Brett Ingram
Product :    Squeeze Page Genie
Launch Date :    2013-07-22
Front-End Price:    $27
Niche :    General

In affiliate marketing building an email list is very important . Because when you have a list, you can generate cash on demand. Sharing referral links to quality products when they purchase an email list and you will receive commission. So when sending the product to you daily money daily. But how to get the first email list, rest assured you’ve got Squeeze Page. Squeeze Page Genie Review is a website that grabs your prospects’ attention and offers them a free report for signing up for your list.


How to set up a Squeeze Page Quality

Many marketers are wondering how to have a quality Squeeze Page. Squeeze Page should ensure the following :

  • Focus on a tight niche so you can appeal to your prospects.
  • Create a professional look and feel.
  • Design quality graphics for your page.
  • Layout the page to be simple yet persuasive.
  • Write an attention-grabbing headline.
  • Write page copy that gets prospects to act.
  • Research and write a free report that prospects will be willing to sign up to get access to.
  • Add an opt-in form to give prospects a place to sign up.
  • Add your terms pages for search engine rankings.
  • Upload the page and files to your hosting account.


>>Click To Join Squeeze Page Genie<<

Squeeze Page Genie – Why Should You Need It?

Squeeze Page Genie is a product with superior features. It will become a best product on the market. Be quick to get the best deals. Here’s a sample Squeeze Page in the debt relief niche–look at the quality and the features . Squeeze Page Genie for you what .

  • Clean eye-catching design to keep visitors on your site.
  • Fully editable content text and images.
  • SEO optimized page for high search engione rankings & free traffic.
  • Professional quality special report giveaway to maximize signup rate.
  • Works with every automresponder for hassle-free compatibility.
  • Social bookmarking sharing icons for viral traffic.
  • Opt-in form with free bonus to build a massive list on autopilot.
  • Email your subscribers to make cash on demand.
Your squeeze page is totally simple to customize
Squeeze Page Genie setup whichever squeeze page you choose and it’s ready to rock–add your autoresponder code (SPG show you how) and you’re ready to build a massive list…

But if you decide you want to make some changes or customize your squeeze page that’s easy too!

You can change the header graphic in 1 click
Squeeze Page Genie

Squeeze Page Genie

Change the headline or sub headline text, font, color, and style in seconds.

Squeeze Page Genie Review

and add your autoresponder list code and change the look and feel of your opt-in form as easy as 1, 2, 3

Review Squeeze Page Genie

Squeeze Page Genie includes a lot more than just a squeeze page…and here’s just a sample of the niches you can choose (with more being added all the time) . You choose to suit your field are doing. Let’s start making money on your network right now.










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Big Baller System

Big Baller System Review – The Overview

Product Name: Big Baller System

Creator: Joe Walter

Focus on: Social media, Internet Marketing, Traffic System

Official Websitehttp://bigballersystem.com

Launch Date: March 01 at 10 AM (EST)

Price: $7 – $10

Hey, what’s up? Today I’m here to tell you a really serious secret about Big Baller System, what is it and what could it do for you?

OK, If you are new internet marketer or even experience, this could be for you. I mean that this system will teach you how to increase your commission and put your website in auto-pilot even if you just got a little experience or no money to invest.

Big Baller System is the ONLY course which reveals exactly how and where to generate commissions on a MASSIVE scale. We’re not talking about writing articles, blogging or the latest SEO tactic here. We’re talking overwhelming amounts of profits on tap. Because when you can generate this kind of money… there’s no stopping you… So why don’t you check out more infomation about this system by clicking here?

Just do me a favor and keep this to yourself, OK? ;)

>>> Click here to see Big Baller System in Action <<<

What is Big Baller System and how it could help?

The creator describes this as is a NO FAILURE mehelpthod… All I’ll say is if you want to make *insane*commissions…Then you really should check this out NOW before its too late.

Big Baller System is an In-depth course on how creator, and many other big marketers make huge commissions online. they teach users how to build large email lists in a very short time from scratch. This is not another “buy solo ads/adswaps” system, it has NOTHING to do with solo ads or adswaps. Users will be taught how to go from zero subscribers to thousands in a very short time, with minimal effort, whilst making a lot of money in the process.

It sound really interesting, right? If you have thousands subscriber, you have money, too, that’s the powerful of email marketing. You also have many other way to make money with your list. Believe me, you won’t want to miss this, so click here to read more information about this Big Baller System now.

Big Baller System Review – Main Feature

  • Big Baller System help you build massive list in under 24h
  • Increase 200% your list immediately

Who is Big Baller System for and How much does it cost?

You must be a professional IT guy? Or you own a talent brain with IQ 180?  The answer is “NO”. Everyone can use Big Baller System because it is easy to learn and action. The only things you need is follow the instruction and get success, very easy, right?

And another advantage of Big Baller System is very soft price. Although it could help you a lot, but it only cost you $7, really affordable price for a quality training course which could help you increase your income in a very short time, it really worth a try, I think that you should Grab it now to check out new technique which other famous internet marketer used, and now, it’s yours.


To Sum up, if you would like to find a technique which could help you increase your income and commission in a very short time, this Big Baller System is for you, even if you are experience or just a newbie Internet Marketer like me, it’s really easy to learn and follow.



To Sum up, if you would like to find a technique which could help you increase your income and commission in a very short time, this Big Baller System is for you, even if you are experience or just a newbie Internet Marketer like me, it’s really easy to learn and follow.


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Amazon Treasure Hunter 2.0

Amazon Treasure Hunter 2.0 Review

Vendor: Gaz Cooper et al
Product: Amazon Treasure Hunter 2.0
Launch Date: 2013-06-20
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $17-$27
Product  Page: http://www.amztreasurehunter.com
Niche: Software

Why you should promote AMZ Treasure Hunter 2.0 ?

  1. We already KNOW this will convert like NUTS. We’re expecting insane conversions and HUGE EPCs. Check out the stats from the first launch of AMZ Treasure Hunter…Conversions on the front end were at a pretty much consistent 17-18% in the first few days of the launch period and the first upgrade at around 60% even. The stats above are at the end date of the 7 day launch period. This upcoming launch will be a LOT better and with your support we can blast this launch sky high
  2. Amazon products seem to be RED HOT lately. Everyone seems to want to grab a piece of the Amazon profit pie and it’s one of the (if not THE) most popular affiliate programs the majority of marketers are getting involved in these days
  3. MZ Treasure Hunter 2.0 is VERY powerful software that will make it so friggin’ easy to make a lot of money with Amazon it will blow them off their feet. Amazon affiliate marketing has NEVER been easier…especially with the newly addd feature in our 2.0 version that makes it possible to start promoting brand new products added to Amazon BEFORE the competition even knows about them.

The upgrade offers will make it all go even better and faster, because I will be sharing ALL of my underground tricks and strategies that have made me as susccessful as I am now with Amazon affiliate marketing…

AMZ Treasure Hunter 2.0

What is AMZ Treasure Hunter?

The Amazon Treasure Hunter 3′n’1 Keyword Tool can instantly increase TRAFFIC and the authority of any Amazon website plus give you a big jump in Amazon Commissions.
The Amazon Treasure Hunter 3′n’1 Keyword Tool works by hunting out profitable products within a particular Niche that has NO COMPETITION. It allows them to BANK BIG by showing what products to target to grab FREE TRAFFIC using You Tube videos.
This software is a very, very, simple, but very, very, POWERFUL desktop application that literally sucks out Amazon products in ANY NICHE that are not being promoted by other Amazon Affiliates.
You simply use the power of the Amazon Search function to find a set of products to drop into the Amazon Treasure Hunter. It then sifts through them and magically EXPOSES the golden nuggets within each niche that are not being promoted by any other affiliates via You Tube videos.
Not only that but it has 3 independent keyword tools that will allow ANY Amazon Affiliate to LITERALLY DOMINATE THEIR NICHE and grab GOOGLE PAGE 1 Listings for Amazon products.
Many Amazon Affiliates were SLAPPED hard by Google in the last Penguin update and many lost their first page listings. The Amazon Treasure Hunter 3′n’1 Keyword Tool allows them to reclaim their position on the first page of Google – LITERALLY within hours.There is no other Amazon Software out there that can do what the Amazon Treasure Hunter does!
Additional module on the AMZ Treasure Hunter 2.0
We have improved the Amazon Tresure Hunter by adding an additional module to an already AWESOME piece of software and this new module is going to CATAPULT you even further ahead of your competition because this module actually tells you when Amazon adds Brand New products to their site.
One of the biggest secrets to Gaz’s success with Amazon is thinking ahead and being the early bird and finding out about new products before anyone has even had a chance and that is exactly what this software does.
It will show you every time Amazon adds a new product to its site in any category or niche you just do a search and voila you can be the first to start promoting new products that Amazon has just added before the competition even knows about them.
This is EXTREMELY powerful and combined with the other modules of the Amz Treasure Hunter you are in a position to kill it with Amazon when you use the AMZ Treasure Hunter


Amazon Master Class

This Advanced Video Training goes into further depth with the AmazonTreasure Hunter Keyword Tool and provides a host of added ninja tips and tricks to really make the software pay big dividends.

We have included  videos with the main product showing people the basics of how to use the Amazon Treasure Hunter Software Tool.  However, in this One Time Offer I have put together a FULL, ADVANCED TRAINING course.  This course reveals in detail how I personally uses the Amazon Treasure Hunter Software Tool to absolutely dominate Google  and DRIVE MASSIVE amounts of traffic to Amazon to cash in big time.

I promise you I have not held anything back.  I  show you exactly how I have been able to make over 5 figures each & every month with Amazon by staying WAY AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION.Just one of the techniques I will reveal in the training will catapult an Amazon business into the next stratosphere.FREE AWESOME BONUS – Additional Software ModuleThe key to MASSIVE SUCCESS WITH AMAZON is staying way ahead of the pack.  When your buyers purchase Amazon Treasure Hunter I am going to give them access to my REAL SECRET WEAPON.

This additional module for the software is only included with the OTO.  I will provide people with REAL TIME PRICELESS Amazon information that will provide them with ridiculous inside information that is worth a fortune.Imagine knowing the products to target before anyone else even knows people are looking for them…what would that be worth?This PRICELESS training is just $9.95 which includes the free bonus software module.

Amazon Video Sniper Domination

7 Video Training Modules.

Amazon Video marketing is NOW the FASTEST WAY to get your Amazon Products to the Front Page of Google and Drive Massive Amounts of Sales to your Amazon Account.With the recent  Panda and Penguin updates many Amazon affiliates lost all their Google Page 1 rankings.  We could have lost some too but with the Amazon Video Sniper Domination techniques we were able to remain unscathed and continue to dominate the front page 1 of Google.  The SECRET – the Amazon Video Sniper Domination techniques we use.What if we could show your list how to get almost INSTANT Google Page 1 rankings for ANY Amazon product.  In fact, we are going to show them how to get GOOGLE first page rankings many times over.  I personally have up to  8 out of the top 10 You Tube listings for my chosen keywords.  I show people in this course EXACTLY how to do the same!In this course, I am going to show people step by step how to ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE YOU TUBE and Google by creating awesome videos that will rank INSTANTLY on Google Page 1 and You Tube search.Using the SECRET techniques shown in the Amazon Video Sniper Domination Course you will see in real time as I grab MULTIPLE Page 1 GOOGLE listings – all within 10 minutes to an 1 hour.  Your list will then learn some secret ninja techniques that will let you rank for the TOP 5 or even TOP 8 positions on You Tube and Google.  This will literally allow you to DOMINATE Google and YouTube search for that product and furthermore driving MASSIVE  amounts of traffic and sales to your Amazon account.This is the most POWERFUL Amazon Video Training you will ever see.

Amazon Training Academy

AMZ Training Academy – Packed with Training Modules, Software and Tools

  • Complete Beginners Course :Takes a complete newbie and walks them through step by step to building their first Amazon site, Course includes 23 modules covering everything from picking your niche to completing your first ever money making Amazon site.
  • Advanced Amazon Course:This complete course delves deep into keyword research and building a long term Amazon Authority site, the course has 17 step by step video modules walking you through every step.
  •  Squidoo Amazon Training Course:A complete beginners course showing you how to build Squidoo lenses, this course walks you through step by step on how to supplement your Amazon sites by building quality lenses promoting Amazon products on Squidoo and building quality backlinks to your money sites. This is a stand alone course which includes 7 video Modules teaching you everything you need to know about building squidoo lenses.
  • Facebook Amazon Course:A complete course showing you how to utilize facebook and Amazon the course is 7 modules and teaches you how to put your own Amazon store onto facebook and also how to build fanpages for products as well as some fantastic little tricks to increase your Amazon sales.
  • Facebook Store Builder Software:As part of the above course I include my facebook software which allows you to put as many facebook Amazon stores onto facebook as you like. It is very easy to use and compliments the course perfectly and a great little piece of software.
  • Amonize Youtube Video Course:This course shows you how to use Youtube to market your Amazon sites and drive traffic by using review videos, the course is 7 modules and teaches you everything from making a quality Amazon review video to showing you how to grab google page 1 listings with Amazon review videos driving traffic to your site and making you more sales.
  • Complete WordPress Reference Course:This course is a supplemental course showing you how to use wordpress it contains 19 modules showing you pretty much anything you need to know about wordpress and since we build our Amazon sites using wordpress it’s a fantastic course you can turn to when you are stuck on something with wordpress.
  • Video and Article Library:A video and article library offering you tips and tricks to increase your knowledge and understading of Amazon and how to increase traffic sales plus a database of over 4000 plr articles you can download and use for your sites.
  • AMZ Coaching and Community Forum:The ONLY DEDICATED Amazon support forum where you can ask questions get tips, solve problems 24 hours a day from other Amz members and the Amz team. The biggest problem for most people when buying an amazon course is there is no support and if you get stuck your on your own. NOT WITH AMZ…we are there for you 100%.

So go ahead without the participation

AMZ Treasure Hunter 2.0

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Plugin Profit Secrets eClass Starter

Vendor:                        Andrew Hunter

Product:                       Plugin Profit Secrets eclass

Launch Date:              2013-06-14

Launch Time:             11:00 EDT

Plugin Profit Secrets eClass Starter – About the author

Andrew Hunter had launched many products and has achieved much success


Andrew Hunter Launches

  • MemberSonic Plugin
  • Sonic Dispatch Plugin
  • Social Flywheel
  • Plugin Moguls
  • Sonic IPN
  • MemberSonic Membership Site
  • Evergreen Niche Membership
  • Freelancing Mechanics
  • MemberSonic WordPress Them…
  • And more …

Plugin Profit Secrets eClass Starter

new-header (1)

Plugin Profit Secrets eclass including:

  1. 6 training seasons ($497 value)
  2. Plugin project (Priceless)
  3. Plugin Business Mechanics ($47 value)

watch video to learn more about Plugin Profit Secrets eClass Starter

Do you want to be successful

<<Registration Plugin Profit Secrets eClass Starter>>

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Lead Capture Gate Membership

Lead Capture Gate Membership

What is Lead Capture Gate Membership

If you’re doing business online, then I’m sure you know the importance of building an opt in mailing list. A targeted optin email list is hands down the most valuable asset for any online business.

And of course YOURS is no exception.

Whether you’re looking to add more subscribers to your email newsletters OR get more leads into your follow up autoresponder sequences

  • Lead Capture Gate Membership is your network “advertising share”. As a partner you can plug your own optin form offers (for any mailing lists you like, in any niche) into the network and generate free lifetime advertising.
  • Lead Capture Gate Membership is an ideal solution for affiliate marketers & newsletter publishers looking to grow their lists.
  • Lead Capture Gate Membership is NOT another information product, software tool, or training course – it provides a practical solution to produce real results for members you refer
  • Lead Capture Gate gives you an extremely effective way to increase your current lead generation rate by 300% or more, just by making one simple addition to your existing lead capture process…
  • …instead of sending new leads directly to a thank you page, smart publishers are now integrating our unique Lead Capture Gate platform into their optin funnels (after the initial optin), which presents their new subscribers with additional free offers

Lead Capture Gate Membership

Lead Capture Gate Membership Information

Product Vendor : Duncan Carver
Product Name : Lead Capture Gate
Launch Date: 2013-06-18
Launch Time: 11:45 EDT
Front-End Price: $20-$30
Product page : http://www.leadcapturegate.com
Niche: List Building

Features of Lead Capture Gate

  •  Works with all major autoresponder and mailing list management systems via API or subscribe by email (see note below).
  •  No software to setup and install. Simply signup, add your autoresponder and make one simple change to your thank you page.
  •   Leads are added to your autoresponder or mailing list in real time allowing you to connect with them instantly.
  •  18 categories to target for higher conversions and more responsive leads in any niche.
  •   Allows you to run multiple “optin ads” and automatically split test them to improve conversions & increase lead generation.
  •  You can be setup and running (generating new leads to your mailing lists) in less than 5 minutes.
  •  Has no impact on your existing opt in conversion rates. Lead Capture Gates are only displayed after the initial optin.
  •  The Lead Capture Gate is continually optimized to ensure maximum optin conversion rates for all publishers.
  •   Get your share of over 100,000 daily displays of the Lead Capture Gate.
  •   Adds a steady stream of new leads to your email newsletters, give away offers or any other front end lead capture hooks.

Every time a network publisher displays the Lead Capture Gate to one of their new subscribers, their own optin offer is displayed on at least 3 other lead capture gates across our network
That means if you’re showing the Lead Capture Gate 1,000 times per month to your new subscribers – your own optin offer will be displayed at least 3,000 times on other publishers lead capture gates.

This gives you the ability to attract as many as 3,000 new subscribers to your mailing list that would never have seen your offer in the first place, if you weren’t utilizing the Lead Capture Gate platform.

All by adding a very simple, non obtrusive, single step to your lead capture process…

You can view a working Lead Capture Gate here

Lead Capture Gate

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FB LEADCHEF REVIEWproduct-bundle

This is FB LeadChef Review. 
Today is a for an awesome tool that will beat all the Facebook marketing tools and strategy. The ability of Facebook in content viral and marketing is undoubtable. By now, Facebook has reach over one billion of user and 665 million of active users who use daily.

Facebook marketing can be effective much more than SEO – which is now harder and harder due to the algorithm changing of Google. But when it comes to Facebook marketing, you will think of the useless ebook of creating fanpage and app, or spam, buying likes… The most effective and reliable method is Facebook ads, which is very expensive and still ineffective if is not used properly. So, why don’t we find a new method to master the Facebook marketing?

FB LeadChef Review – What is it?

FB LeadChief is a powerful Facebook lead generation system, included with an exclusive ebook. It is guaranteed to force Facebook to send you massive traffic that converts like crazy.

>>Visit FB LeadChef Official Site Here<<

FB LeadChef’s Feature

• Power players module: This will extract and rank the most influential and well-liked users using a unique algorithm that can analyze the popularity of Facebook users. You will not have to worry about Facebook TOS when using this because it is tested and proven full compliance with Facebook
• Passionate member module: This module can find the most active member in any group, thus getting you quality traffic in any niche.
• Email Extractor: Extracting email of Facebook group, fanpage and user easily. • Facebook member IDs: Get the member IDs and target your ads.

What you will learn in the ebook included?


 Effective custom audience list
 Proper Facebook research
 Convert clicks to subscribers
 Use videos and images effectively
 And more…

My personal review

I bought it as a WSO few days ago, and it really rocks. I have gotten 300 more subscribers and 1257 visitors in the second day. Don’t have any more words to explain, just check the official site and do your own new Facebook business


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EWS Top Bar Plugin


Vendor:                      Craig Sowerby

Product:                      EWS Top Bar

Launch Date:                2013-06-14 at      11:00 EDT

<<Download EWS Top Bar Plugin>>

What Is EWS Top Bar Plugin?

EWS Top Bar is a notification bar that is discreetly added to the top of your wordpress site.  So you can promote your affiliate links, important pages, new product launches, product sales……Basically what ever you want!
You can also easily integrate your auto-responder to build your list.  But the other cool features are that you can rotate your bars and also with the built in analytics you can decide which bar is converting the best

EWS Top Bar review – About the author ?

Craig Sowerby founded Eden Web Services in 2012 to help businesses and other marketers make a presence on the Internet.
Simple but effective web design and development. Sales funnels, Email marketing and Optimize Press set up. Software development was introduced in 2012 and EWS Instant Traffic Plugin was born. Syndicating your content across the internet from your wordpress blog to provide you instant traffic.

EWS Top Bar

What benefits come from EWS Top Bar ?

EWS Top Bar is a highly customizable, easy-to-configure plug-in that allows you to add a colorful banner at the top of your website to draw your readers’ attention, you can.
Do you remember when all you had to do to get someone to sign up for your mailing list was to place an opt-in form in the sidebar? You might split test headlines or even move it from the right to the left just to see which one performed better, but that was really all that was involved

  • Add links you want your readers to click on

  • Style the text for greater impact

  • Change the color and border style to match your website

  • Add small images to draw the eye

  • Show or hide the bar by default

  • Remember your readers preferences with an expiring cookie

  • Build an easy-to-use opt-in form to capture names and emails

Today’s web readers are much more “ad blind” – and unfortunately, that includes your site’s sidebar. So that opt-in form, About Me blurb, Facebook page updates, and anything else you have there is largely overlooked. Sure, your regular readers might check it out from time to time, but the first time visitor? Not likely. I am guilty of this myself just take a look at my blog !

<<Download EWS Top Bar Plugin>>

EWS Top Bar – Conclusion

With many features I mentioned above, EWS Top Bar is a great WordPress Plugin that will help you to create a top notification bar to word press sites and you can add any links inside the bar as well as social sites
I am sure that EWS Top Bar is a good choice for everyone who wants to create a top notification bar to word-press sites. Finally, I decide on EWS Top Bar for my site and now this is a time for you to give a decision! Grabs EWS Top Bar right now before its price go up!
Your decision, Your Success. Thanks and wish you be success, my friend! Cheers

>> [Download here]

Download EWS Top Bar


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Domain Security Pro

Creator: Mark Dulisse

ProductDomain Security Pro!

Niche: Software, Sercurity

Domain Security Pro Software – About the author?

Domain Security Pro

Domain Security Pro Plugin is the latest amazing product from Mark Dulisse. As you can see, almost previous product launching is very useful, such as:

  • Affiliate Traffic Player: It is a new addition to The Traffic Player, Pro version, that has many bells and whistles and is perfect for affiliate marketing and preselling.
  • SalesPressPro: This theme will compete with the big competitors for sales funnels using wordpress. It has stylish salespage templates, but also under the hood are some of the best internet marketing scripts for  sales and lead generation available today, including WP Optin Pro integration, Traffic Player integration, Page Lock Expiration Countdown script integration, ability to add any Google or Cufon Font, and much, much more…
  • Dominating Google brand has been my flagship product for over 3 years now. He will be blowing the doors wide open to trafic and seo, and telling the TRUTH about link building, traffic, and what it takes to get Page One.

Domain Security Pro Plugin Review – Why should you need it?

WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

WordPress are used commonly by bloggers because  it is created friendly with SEO. The main works of WordPress is based on themes and plugins. To improve your WordPress site’s search engine rankings, besides good content, you also need to optimize your site for Google engines.

Most WordPress users install security type plugins. This is not effective! Not only does it eat up more resources on your wordpress install (you probably have too many plugins as it is), making your blog and browser speed slower, and causing conflicts with other important plugins you may have, but it simply is not as effective as protecting your wordpress sites from the outside so that malicious hackers and bots cannot even get to step 1 in their attempt to hurt your site. Once they make it into your admin, it is too late. No plugin will save you. A desktop application is much better, and faster, to do this.

Domain Security Pro

Domain Security Pro – What is it?


  • Domain Security Pro is a desktop application available for both PC and Mac that protects any Domain URL, and WordPress sites against malicious hackers and bruteforce spam attacks.
  • Domain Security Pro is easy to use for first-time users and offers many features for power users, including Bulk Processing Support, Import FTP Client Supports, HotLink Protection Settings, and more.
  • It sets CPanel htaccess password protections to your WP-Admin page URLs, V-Bulletin admin URL, or any URL you wish, thereby making the page inaccessible to everyone but your IP alone.
  • Ability to change your wp-admin password with the click of one button.
  • Sets Hotlink protection to your websites, so people can not embed your images and video files from your site.
  • Ability to add any type of file extensions for Hotlink protection, with Redirect support.
  • Ability to do bulk processing. Example, with the click of 1 button, you can change all your wp-admin passwords to all of your blogs in seconds.
  • Import/Export feature lets you import FTP login information from FileZilla FTP Client, so you can get set up in seconds.
  • Our lifetime software licenses assure free updates and upgrades for life.
  • Clear and simple user interface easy to master for anyone or any task.
  • Industry class encryption, the latest security updates, secure data at all times.
  • Consistent critical and hotfix bug fixes, via live-update, ensure features behave as intended.
  • Free, high quality email support, direct via software developers.
  • Support help desk is easily and freely available to our account holders.
  • Users (non-commercial) can use a single license key on up to 2 personal computers.

Watch the video below to see a step by step guide on how-to use the Domain Security Pro:

Click here to see Full Features of Domain Security Pro

Who is this software for?

Domain Security Pro will soon become the standard software for protecting your webpages and blogs against hackers, malicious bots, spam bruteforce attacks, and hotlink image and video file thieves. Every online marketer who owns websites will want this software. Guaranteed!

Price of Product?

The Domain Security Pro cost you $37, it all depends on your needs. I think this is really an affordable price for an awesome product that could help you do many boring jobs and save tons of time to protect your website.

What are benefits from WP Domain Security Pro?


  • Imagine managing 100 wordpress wp blogs, and you are in need of urgently changing your wordpress passwords to all of your websites. Currently, you have to manually log into each wordpress admin, and change your password. This can take you hours. With Domain Security Pro, you can change all 100 of your wordpress admin passwords with the click on 1 button and it takes seconds.
  • Or perhaps there is a malicious spamming bot that attempts to take your wordpress blog down by BruteForce attack, whereby it attempts to login to your wp-admin page over and over again. With Domain Security Pro, a person or bot will no longer be able to access your wp-admin page or url. You have cut them off at the root before they can even get there. The only one who can visit your wp-admin page is you. You can even set it so that only your IP can visit your wp admin page. And once again, you can protect all of your blogs this way with the click of 1 button.
  • Or perhaps it really annoys you when you see thieves taking your image or video files, hosted on your server, and embedding them on their websites. With Domain Security Pro’s hotlink protection, you can instantly set up hotlink with all of your websites so that thieves will not be able to embed your image and video files.

Thank you for reading my Domain Security Pro Review. Best wishes to you, Cheers!


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10 Clever Ways People Make Money in Today’s Economy


I am about to hop on a plane and head to Dubai, for one of our last events on this leg of the Laptop Millionaire World Tour.

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Making Use Of Your Site to Set Forth Making Money on the Internet

Simply Work from Home

We can all agree the Internet is rife with many clever ways to earn an income. The World Wide Web is not only a credible mainstream tool to share and exchange information, but is also a great venue where you can earn cash. Many people have started creating wealth on the net, as the prospect of working anywhere wherever there is an Internet connection and also all of the perks connected with it simply is attractive.

Even though there are so many ways of earning money online, you will find just some that happen to be well worth the effort. Many of these demand that you work with a site, with business and Internet marketing especially coming to mind. The success of making a living through a website however depends upon how the website is handled. As a result, if you are keen to make money via a website, you…

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